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>> all i need is popcorn and melt it is on there and it is really good. thanks for joining us on the special were "the five." have a great night everyone. >> i am chris wallace with just 48 hours 'til election kay both campaigns have one goal: get-out-the-vote today. president obama and governor romney try to drum up support but it is really about the ground game. who has been more effective in getting out early voters? who has better organization on tuesday? we will talk last minute strategy with david axelrod, senior advisor for the obama campaign, and political director for team romney. then, we will take a last look at the electoral map. how does each side get 270 votes they need to win? we will ask our sunday panel to survey the battle ground stateds and look if surprises. from the storm of a lifetime to
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the tightest presidential races ever, we go on the trail. all right now. hello again from fox news election headquarters in new york. we are back on standard time so we hope you set your clocks back an hour. it is finally here. the last 48 hours of the endless campaign. for both sides it is about getting supporters out. we will talk about ground game tactics starting with david axelrod, senior strategists for the obama campaign who is in the washington studio. >> before we get to the campaign , here is what the president promised about libya and here is what he has done. >> every piece of information we get as we got it we laid it out for the american people.
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>>chris: that was the president not answering a question about benghazi. did the president make a calculated decision to run out the clock until the election and not answer questions about libya? >> no. >>chris: why hasn't he answered? >> from the beginning and we have talked about this before, the president has said we want to get to the bottom of it and share it with the american people including with the former joint chiefs of staff who are reviewing the whole matter to get to the bottom of it not just to find out where things have gone wrong but how to politic it.
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they are serving in dangerous places and you cannot eliminate risk and that is what the president's goal is. >>chris: i understand the different agencies and that issue but it takes time. i will ask questions about the president's personal involvement that he could answer. the u.s. consulate in benghazi was attacked twice before the 9/11 fatal assault. in fact, in august, and repeatedly, security officials there asked for more security and said they felt they were vulnerable and the situation was so dangerous the british diplomats and the red cross pulled out of benghazi. did the president know about that? >> all i can tell you is the president is fully committed to the safety of his diplomats. he knew the ambassador and was invested if his work there. obviously, any steps we needed
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to take we would have wanted to take. i'm not in the white house or privy to the decisions but i can tell you this: this president is 100 percent committed to the people he sends overseas personally to represent this country. he is the one who met the coffins when they came him. any suggestion that he would not sake the next steps to protect them, that is just nonsense. >>chris: david, i understand you are not in the white house anymore but you did prepare the president and the vice president for safer debates where libya came up in one debate and the vice president said we weren't told abrequests for more security. did they know how dangerous the situation in benghazi was beforehand, before the attack? and that security officials in benghazi were asking for more help? >> obviously benghazi was dangerous. there are many other places in the world that are dangerous
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where our dip 3459s -- diplomats serve and our intelligence people seven. the question the vice president was asked, did he know of a specific request for additional security in the answer to that was, no. we have 230-plus facilities around the world. those requests go to the security professionals in the state department. that is what happened in this case. >>chris: second area, on the night of the attack the president met with top national security advisors and told them to deploy assets to the area. why did he decide not to to deploy? why not send in the assets in the seven hours between the first attack and the second attack seven hours later, two americans were killed. >> as has been reported and the white house said, there was another piece of about it in the
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paper, the president convened top military officials and told them to do whatever was necessary. they took the steps they thought , they took every step they could take. this is exactly what this review is about. the real problem is, what went wrong in what could have been done better? what adjustments should we make? that is a solemn responsibility of the president and everyone who served with him. that is what will happen. >>chris: the president canceled campaigning for three days, three days, to deal with hurricane sandy and he was praised for that. why did he decide to go campaigning in las vegas hours after four americans were killed in benghazi in a terror attack? >> as i said, immediately, when word of the attack came the president was meeting with the top national security folks and
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talking with them well into the night and in touch with them during the next day there is no question is he was focused on this. >>chris: why did he feel he could campaign hours after a terror attack? >> everything was put in motion that he could put in motion every conversation that needed to be had was being had between him and his top national security officials. now, states solid or leaning obama we have in blue with 201 electoral votes and leaning romney in red with 191 votes and 11 toss up states with 146 votes and romney is in pennsylvania today where the polls have him counsel -- down four points but their campaign says he has a
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real shot. >> they understand they are in deep trouble. they is tried to expand the map because they know in a state like ohio where they have to win, no republican has ever been elected without carrying the state of ohio and they are behind and they are not catching up at this point. they will be in florida and virginia, two states you would assume by now they would have secured, they assume by now, they would secure, they understand the traditional or the battleground states which we have focused are not working out for them. now they are looking for somewhere desperately looking for somewhere to try and dislodge some electoral votes to win the election. that is not going to happen. >>chris: you bet your mustache on the president we securing person. how secure is your mustache? >>guest: i grant you the mustache will be right where it is today. and where it has been for 40
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years so you know how serious a bet that was. >>chris: the key now is town out. the obama campaign has talked for years about how strong your ground game is. in ohio and what the romney camp says is happening in early voting and absentee balloting with the numbers on the screen. it is complicated. i hope you can see the graphic. they say, the romney camp, that 557,000 ohio democrats have voted early or gotten absentee ballot, up 155,000 from four years ago and 481,000 republicans have voted early or got be absentee ball let up from 105,000, a swing of 263,000 votes in early battling wiping out obama's final victory margin in ohio four years ago. what they are saying, if substantially more republicans turn out to vote in ohio on
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election day they will win and you will lose. >> we will know in two day whose is bluffing and who is not bluffing. if you look at every poll in ohio we have been ahead with the latest out this morning in columbus, dispatch. what is clear, we have a very, very large lead among voter whose have voted early and we will go in election day with a significant lead. they can spin it out they want. i am looking at hold card data, who is casting ballots in states like ohio, iowa, nevada, florida. we are doing very well. they are comparing this to 2008 and we have had this discussion. i'm not suggest we will win by the same margin of 2008 and they compare themselves to john mc cain would had no ground operation in these states.
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they will do better than john mccain. we may not do as well as we did in 2008 but we doing plenty well and well enough to win the race. >>chris: on florida, president obama is down by more than a point in the polls but you make the final advertising by the campaign there in florida, why not in the state you must win? >> we feel very competitive in the state of florida. there have been many polls and in all of the polls, the battleground state polls in the last 48 hours we are ahead in 90 percent including florida. there are a couple of mixed polls in florida but we are very pleased with where we are in early voting. we will go in election day with a large leap so we are competitive in florida and they know it. they are spending the time there. if they were comfortable in florida they would not spend as much time and money as they are
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spending. >>chris: when will we know who the next president is? will it come sooner than expected? or will this stretch into wednesday morning? >>guest: i think some of the cases are very close. it could extend beyond midnight. i don't think by this time in the only we will wonder who the president is. it is a matter of tallying the votes. some folks in your business will be less bull bullish about early forecasting. we have worked for a year and a half and our organizations in the states have been building and we are willing to wait a couple more hours to find out what happened. >>chris: is there one state or one county or one precinct you will be looking at early that will tell you if it is a good night or a bad night? >> obviously, we have rolling
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data from turn out that will tell us but when votes are rounded some states everyone knows are vital in this election, a series of them, and ohio will focus on the ohio precincts and i feel good about virginia and i think we will win virginia. we had a great rally in virginia, an early reporting state that will be close. some of those start to break our way it could be an earlier evening than people anticipated. >>chris: we have less than a minute and i am asking for a personal answer, not a political answer. you have been with president obama from the illinois state senate, all the way to the oval office. these final two days of his final campaign, how emotional for you? >>guest: very, this is not just a partnership but a friend. i started getting interested in politics when i was five when
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john f. kennedy came to my community in new york city and i saw him and i was hooked from that moment and it was an idealism that drew me. president obama has given me my ideal back and i am grateful to him for that and all of us who have been with him for years are gathering on the last trip and it is emotional. a proud time. and emotional. but, also, one with great anticipation because we think tuesday will be a great day. >>chris: thank you, david, as always for talking with us. we want you did know our offer still stands in the short time that is left for president obama to come on fox news for an interview at least once during this campaign. >>guest: it is a generous hour. i appreciate you extending it. >>chris: but i didn't get a "yes." >>guest: i have learn add few things on your show. >>chris: sorry about that. how the romney campaign plans to
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>>chris: rich beeson welcome to fox news sunday. >> i am trying to imagine what mr. axelrod will look like without his mustache. that is fun to think of. >>chris: we will see. let me ask about david axelrod because he said you guys are desperate in pennsylvania and you are vulnerable in florida.
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your reaction? >> well, desperate four years ago this weekend president obama was campaigning in indiana. today, governor romney is campaigning in pennsylvania. i don't think campaigning in states where we have not won since 1988 or 1984 or 1972 are acts of desperation. the math is expanding in our favor. it is nothing that we are doing but it is the message of governor romney. you talk about florida for them to spend more money down there is like president obama's government, they just want to throw money at the problem and fix it but governor romney will carry florida by a significant margin. >>chris: let me ask you, romney, money is one thing and the candidate's time is the precious commodity and romney, tomorrow, on monday, is going to spend time in florida and virginia. shouldn't you have locked up both of those relyiably
3:20 pm
republican republican states weeks ago? >>guest: well, president obama won both of those states in the 2008 election. you look at absentee ballot numbers from florida the democrats in 2008 had 370,000 vote margin which is cut to 70,000 votes right now. well win on election day by a significant margin. florida, make sure it is taken care of. governor romney wants to take another swing down there. as far as virginia, it will be close. it will come down to the end. when you look at the results from the absentee ballots in democrat counties versus republican county, this is the case all overtime country, they are underperforming and we are over performing and mr. axelrod can spin it how he wants but the fact of matter is the message sell carrying the day. >>chris: here is a list of the
3:21 pm
key swing states to ask you. you are trailing in wisconsin. you are trailing in pennsylvania, ohio, and iowa, and as you suggest, you are tied in the must win state of virginia where the obama campaign has made a late ad buy. we will get to the specific states in a moment. are you saying these polls, the public polls are wrong? or are you saying they could be right but you will win anyway because the ground game is better? >> the polls are like nailing jell-o to a tree all over the place and you will see polls being different in each state by each day. there are two numbers to keep in mind. one is independents. independents will decide this race in all of the states. governor romney consistently leads among independents. they have seen his message come forward creating 12 million
3:22 pm
jobs, real recovery and strengthening the middle class. second, we have an incumbent running for four years since he was elected, raisings and spending $1 billion and he is stuck below 50 percent at 48 percent, 47 percent, 46 percent in all the palms. when you are incumbent under 50 that is a bad place to be. >>chris: this has been your focus so far early voting and absentee voting. this is nationally, at this point half a million viewer democrats have voted than in final early voting in 2008 while more republicans have voted already early than did in the final voting four years ago but the democrats still lead as you can see by almost 600,000 votess well as they did four years ago and you are doing better than john mccain but they will
3:23 pm
still beat you. >> well, he can hope and wish all he wants. there are two key points. they have been voting their script. those are the voters who will turn out under any circumstance. we have been concentrating on voters who do not vote on every election or sporadic voter. we have done better job of getting our voter out. on election day we have them ready to vote on election day. republicans for whatever reason tend to vote or like to vote on election day. in ohio we have 371,000 more high propensity republicans than they is democrats. >>chris: now, ohio showed voting numbers you provided for ohio to axelrod and i will look at the real clear politics track of polls in ohio going back for months and you is never held a lead there.
3:24 pm
you got real close after the first debate but you have never had a lead there not once and the obama margin has grown slightly. >> there is only one number that matters and that is election day. we are confident that governor romney will prevail in ohio open election day. again, the point to ohio is when you look at all of the public polls, 24 or 25 polls in 21 governor romney is leading with independents and not by a small margin but by double digit, and anyone involved with ohio politics will tell you the candidate who wins independents in ohio is going to win the highway he election. we are very confident about the race. when we see president obama underperforming badly in the southeast part of the state in the coal counties and when vice president biden said the defense doesn't need anymore m1 tanks
3:25 pm
and we will see tickets of unhappiness in ohio that will cut into their margin and at the end of the day i feel very good about government's message. >>chris: your campaign started running an ad in ohio implying that the jeep is shipping u.s. jobs to china when, in fact, they are expanding their operations to china but they are not shipping u.s. jobs overseas. i will play a clip of the ad and how president obama responded. >> obama took g.m. and chrysler into bankruptcy and sold chrysler to tall beyonds who will build jeeps in china. >> you do not scare hard working americans, to scare up votes that is not what being president is about. >>chris: wasn't that a mistake when g.m. and chrysler said the ad was misleading and chrysler, far from shipping jobs to china
3:26 pm
china is expanding operations in toledo. >>guest: it was interesting that president obama would attack governor romney on that when they put up an ad saying this governor romney health detroit go bankrupt when that is a headline from "new york times" and, second, is president obama talking about scaring people and yesterday he said voting is the best revenge. so, it goes back to a president who says when you cannot talk about big issues you talk about small things so rather than talk about $16 trillion deficit or 12 million jobs he is talking about voting for revenge and big bird so that is why governor romney is opening up leads now in minnesota yesterday, and pennsylvania has moved into a high and michigan has moved into a tie, and this is all because of the message of governor romney. >>chris: you say that the states, pennsylvania is in a tie
3:27 pm
and real clear politics average says it is four-point margin for obama. >> it is 47-47, president obama well under 50 in a state he should be well over 50, there are a million more democrats in pennsylvania that republicans. energy is very important issue in the state of pennsylvania and in 2008 in the democrat primary, hillary clinton beat president obama by double digits after president obama was the nominee for the party. it is fertile ground. >>chris: what will you look at early on election night? what states in what counties? how will you know if it is going to be an early night or long night? how long do you think it will take for us to figure out who is the next president? >>guest: there will be a lot of key things but what we are
3:28 pm
seeing is that there is a general underperforming in places where president obama needs to do well and this is overperforming in places where governor romney does well. there is an intensity factor on the side of the republicans that there is a significant gap and we see it on the ground with people knocking on the door and when people are making phone calls and, again, it is back to the simple fact that governor romney is out there talking about big changes and big change not small things, so as we start to see returns coming in from new hampshire and southeast person and northern virginia and in ohio, it will become clear that there is going to be a wide-spread repudiation of the obama administration and form and congressman ryan will, elect the the next president and vice president of the united states. >>chris: what do you predict in 30 seconds? will we know earlier than we thought? >>guest: i am saying that
3:29 pm
pennsylvania and michigan and minnesota are not past the 270 as mr. axelrod would like to report. >>chris: you predict over 300 electoral votes. >>guest: it will be a big win for governor romney. chris thank you on your first national tv interview. we will see how the turn out battle goes and whether it turns out as well as you think it will be. >>chris: we will drill down on which states are truly undecided and the best chance for each side to get an up expected win.
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>> vote. vote. voting is the boast revenge. >> he told supporters, vote for revenge. vote for revenge? vote for love of country, that is what i tell you. >>chris: president obama and mitt romney going after each other to the final moment of this long and tough campaign. it is time now for our sunday group, brit hume senior political analyst, and joe trippi, and karl rove, founder of the republican super pac, and jeff from "new york times" and we have been working up to now with the real clear politics map. we will throw that away and go to the rove-trippi map.
3:34 pm
karl, as of last week you had states in various shades of blue with 221 electoral votes solid or leaning obama and red and pink with 206, solid or leaning romney and 111 up for grabs. any changes? >> there is no evidence of massive changes. some would argue that michigan and nevada should have been leaning obama. we have a very close election. it will be decided on election night with a bunch of potential surprises. >>chris: you have a white board? karl: on the 3rd of november in 2008, president obama was at or above 50 percent in seven of the 13 battleground states that year. in the same states this year, same day, president obama is at
3:35 pm
50 percent, not above 50 percent but 50 percent in two, wisconsin and nevada, and wisconsin, he is only at 50 percent because there is one poll that has an eight-point lead. we have gone from cruising to victory in 2008 to a tight, tight, tight race in 2012. >>chris: a last question, what do you make of romney going to pennsylvania and what do you make of obama with last minute ad buys in florida and virginia. who is serious? who is bluffing in. >> they are all serious. president obama has difficulty in florida and virginia, where the clear politics average goes to romney and pennsylvania is in play. if president obama was comfortable with pennsylvania he what not be putting up television advertising there and if governor romney thought it was a bluff he would not spend time there.
3:36 pm
they are deadly serious. the race is very much up for grabs. we are beginning to have last-minute surprises. i don't know if minnesota, mitch or wisconsin are in play but i think they. >> ii don't think michigan and minnesota are. it doesn't make sense that pennsylvania and florida are in play. i think everything is up for grabs right now and i think, personally, it is a mistake for romney to go to pennsylvania it will turn up the democratic vote in philadelphia, so, i don't quite understand that part of their strategy. i do think that florida and virginia are in play and that is stunning. for me, that obama people think they have a shot at those two states. >>chris: you saw the list of swing states in nine of the 12 states, obama leads by one to
3:37 pm
five points over romney in real clear politics average. it seems there are three possibilities: the polls are wrong. two, romney's ground game will beat the difference, the margin in the polls. or obama will win. any feelings in bright: we have so much polling data that you can construct a scenario for any of the three possibilities you mention and probably a couple of others. the wisdom is trending to obama win along what karl rove and his team pulled off for president in 2004 but i am not certain and there is discrepancy between the national polls which done by older and more seasoned poll willing firms and at the lot state polls which are done by less established firms. the state polls, the battle ground state polls suggest and indicate that president obama is ahead in nearly all of them but
3:38 pm
the national polls have a tie. it is striking to see this difference. it is sobering if you are a romney supporter to think he is trailing or tied in so many of the states. could the polls be wrong? they could. whether they are, we are wait dog find out. >>chris: you have been traveling the country if weeks and months, jeff, your sense of where this stands 48 hours out? >> much different in battle ground states because of the advertising. people in ohio and people in iowa, florida, and virginia, have a different sense of the race. the reason pennsylvania is in play because there has not been a lot of advertising. in the battleground states and i was in ohio and wisconsin and iowa and what you pick up, there is a real sense of enthusiasm for the romney campaign.
3:39 pm
i did not run into one republican party who is not happy about electing mitt romney opposed to someone to beat president obama. that is a significant change. on other side, the excitement and enthusiasm is not there as it was four years ago. does it matter? he will not win by the margins from 2008. at the end of the campaign, the confidence is in the uncertainty of what is going to happen opposed to the confidence in their strength of position in florida or virginia. they are not sure what will happen in those states and that is a problem for them. >>chris: when you heard axelrod and beeson make their case about ground game and voter intense at this time, who has the better idea?
3:40 pm
>> organic intensity, in question, is on the side of romney campaign. the town out operation, we will find out on tuesday is hard to measure from the outside but it is why the obama campaign started so early and has been building up so much so if they are as good add 2008 and as good as they say they are they have better town out organization but i believe it is on the side of the republicans. >>chris: karl you have been through this in 2000 and 2004, obama is leading in the states to get to to 20 70 according to real clear politics. karl: we do not know how close some of these are. the quality of the state level polls is questionable.
3:41 pm
take "wall street journal" and nbc policy if ohio there was a six-point lead for obama but nine more points for democrats than republicans meaning turn out for democrats is more enthusiastic than 2008. but the national polls, the average which is of ten polls, take 22 polls conducted as of midnight last night, romney leads in 12, and obama leads in four and tied in six and romney is at or above 50 percent and obama won and the average of them? 48.2 to 47.5 so that is a sense of a strength for romney that could be expressed particularly against an incumbent. incumbent gets not were more than the number in the final poll. joe: both campaigns believe they can get to over 300 electoral votes because the models are so different.
3:42 pm
>> if you look at what they think they can turn out in early votes how that adds up with what they can turn out on election day and how many . >>chris: what percentage of democrats will be at polls in. >> what the town -- turn out will be? both have different models. axelrod believes they will win 300. >> and it depends on all the independents. independents will be what make the difference. there are two worldviews. >>chris: when we come back we will talk about the latest jobs report and other factors that could decide who wins the presidency on tuesday. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing.
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>> if anyone wonders whether good jobs and take home pay are out there i have a clear message for you: that is, america is about to come roaring back. [ applause ] >> president obama and mitt romney with their closing arguments to voters on the economy. we are back with the panel. we have the final jobs report from friday. unemployment rate ticked up to 7.9 percent, .1 percent up. the economy created a
3:47 pm
better-than-expected 171,000 jobs. the housing industry is picking up, consumer confidence is at 4 1/2 year high as we go into election day. how is the economy, the prime issue, if this race? >> still in my judgment against the president. in question. this jobs report confirmed we have a continuing anemic recovery, a drag on him. it doesn't mean he won't win but i don't think this jobs report gives him any real comfort or gives people much comfort that his ideas which have been tried, are working. >>chris: jeff, use travel around the country, has the president dealt with the economic issue in way to diffuse it and, second, how do the facts of the economy make it less of a negative for economy than early in the race? >> it is less of a negative than
3:48 pm
early. we talked about the national number. the state by state numbers are different, the unemployment rate in the state of ohio is at 7 percent and people feel better about the economy there. >> we interrupt fox news sunday to bring you this election special presentation about mitt romney, a live speech in pennsylvania. he is in bucks county, northeast of philadelphia. as we listen in, governor romney is trying to get this state to go red. >> i want to introduce the next first lady of the united states, my wife, ann romney. [ applause ] >> this is a thrill of a lifetime. this is amazing. what a welcome. that is correct you so, thank you so much.
3:49 pm
the campaign is drawing to a close. what a wonderful welcome you have given us, do know we can finish this race strong. we are so excited about tuesday. we are so excited to be in pennsylvania. [ applause ] >> i am standing with a man that i stood with 43 years in marriage. and in every circumstance i have seen him be exceptional in every way and i can tell you he the not we fail. [ applause ] >> we love this country, we believe in america. i'm going to watch this man save this country and put it back on track, the next president of the
3:50 pm
united states, mitt romney. [ applause ] >> thank you sweetheart and thank you, governor, thank you lt. governor, thank you all, senators and to the next united states senator from pennsylvania, senator smith to be. congressman, and how about the music? the marshal tucker band did a great job i understand. we are close to a place where a lot of people are suffering the consequences of a terrible hurricane as you know and maybe some here this audience are having some tough times. our hearts go out to you. if you have extra funds to provide to people please contact the american red cross or salvation army or any other
3:51 pm
groups helping to provide care for those having a tough time. thanks, also, to the governors dealing with this tragedy particular i the governor of new jersey, governor christie. he is giving all of his heart and passion to help the people in his state. we appreciate his hard work of the thank you, governor, and i got do say to you, what a welcome. thank you so very much. this audience and your voices are being heard all over the nation. they are being heard in my heart. the people of america understand, we are taking back the white house because we will win pennsylvania. i also want to thank the people who have been doing so much work in our campaign making phone calls from our victory centers
3:52 pm
and putting signs up in your yard or your neighbor's yard. or convincing a coal worker to vote for paul ryan and i. it means the world to me. thank you very much. now, let's make sure that every single person we know gets out and votes on tuesday! what makes the rally so inspiring is you care about america. this is a campaign about our country and the future we leave to our children. we thank you. we ask you to stay at it all the way until victory on tuesday. it is possible some of your friendors family members have not made up their mind who to vote for. let me suggest you tell them to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and the ads and you look at the record of the people running for president. because, you see, talk is cheap. but a record is real. and it is earned with effort.
3:53 pm
change is measured in achievement. four years ago candidate obama promised to do so very much but he has fallen short. he promised to be a post partisan president. but he has been partisan dividing and attacking and blaming. he is refusing to listen to republicans and independent voices. he focused on obamacare and that killed jobs. he said he would cut the we deficit in half and he doubled it. he said unemployment would be at 5.2 percent. it is 7.9 million, 9 million jobs short. unemployment is higher today than when he took office. he promised he would save social security and medicare from insolvency. he didn't. rather, he raided $716 billion
3:54 pm
from medicare to pay for obamacare. he said he woo lower health insurance by $2,500 a family. have you seen that? the american family pays $3,000 more a year. gasoline, $2,000 more a year than when he was elected. he said he would work across the aisle on the most important issues that america faces, do you realize he hasn't met on the economy or on the budget or on jobs with either the republican leader of the house or the senate since july. rather than bridging the divide he has made it wider. so many you look at big debate we have in this country not as a republican or a democrat but first as an american. you watch what has happened in this country the last four years with an independent voice, you hope that president obama would live up to his promise to bring
3:55 pm
people together. solve big problems. he hasn't. i will. let he tell you why he fell short of what he promiseed. he cared more about the liberal agenda that repairing the economy. did obamacare create new jobs? did the war on coal and oil and gas create new jobs? good the dodd-frank regulations help banks make more loans to those that need them? did racing taxes put people to work? did the avalanche of new regulations help small business? >> no. every measure he took hurt the economy. and it hurt our fellow americans. there are 23 million americans struggling today to find a good job. one in six of our fellow citizens are living in poverty and if you have a job the middle
3:56 pm
class is being squeezed with lower take home pay and higher taxes. i spoke yesterday with the wife of a six-year old man. in the prime of his earning years. he was a welder for 40 years but he got laid off and she said how can i help? what can i do? she made it clear, they made it clear, they don't want a government check he want as job. if the president things more government is the answer but, no, more good jobs is the answer. the question of this election comes down to this: you want four more years of the last four years or do you want real change? president obama promised change but he could not deliver it.
3:57 pm
>> send him home. send him home. send him home. send him home. send him home. >> i promised change and i have a record of achieving change. i built a business. i helped turned around another one. i put an olympics off track and got it on track. and with a democratic legislature i helped my state turn from deficit to surplus, from job loss to job growth and from higher taxes to higher take home pay. that is why i am running for president. i know how to change the course the nation is on. how to get do balanced budget. how to build jobs and see rising take home pay. accomplishing real change is not something i just talk about but
3:58 pm
something i have done and will do as president of the united states. romney! romney! romney! if you believe we can do better, if you are tired of being tired i ask to vote for real change. we will bring real change to america on day one. when i'm old elected the economy and the american job market will be stagnant but i will not waste time complaining about my predecessor or spend effort trying to pass partisan
3:59 pm
legislate unrelated to jobs and growth. from day one i will go to work to help get americans back to work. people across the country are responding to our five-part plan to create jobs. part one is taking full advantage of our energy resources. our coal, our oil, our gas, renewables. i will act to increase the number of leases and peoples for drilling on federal lands on day one and act to speed the approval of the keystone pipeline. number two, i will boost trade with latin america and designate china as a currency manipulate manipulateor. we have to fight for fair jobs. third, i will send to congress the retraining reform act to make sure that every worker gets the skills they need if a good-paying job. fourth, i will move to tackle

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